her life.

No one can 'do' you like you.

Our Community helps you discover your inner entrepreneur, grow your personal capital, and equip yourself for success.

her business.

You are your business.

Our Community provides access to tools that help you define, launch, and grow a sustainable business venture on YOUR terms.

her circle

No woman is an island.

Our Community cultivates sharing, experiences, & spaces where women can learn, work, and grow together.

Her Community.

SYN(HER)GY isn't concerned about the gender wage gap or the lack of diversity in the startup and tech communities. We're too busy creating a new pathway to success.

Women are uniquely equipped for entrepreneurship. We are creative problem solvers, do more with less, and know how to hustle.  We are also driven to connect with and support one another in our life and entrepreneurial journeys.

While the rest of the startup world is driven by competition and contests, SYN(HER)GY is changing the game by playing on our own field. We are building a community that will work together to amplify and elevate ALL women entrepreneurs.

Think outside the box? What box?!


WHAT is syn(HER)GY?

We are vibrant tribe of women, redefining success in life and business.